Home-Based Businesses

About Home Occupation

A home occupation is a business, occupation, or profession which is an accessory use of a residential dwelling conducted by a resident thereof and which is clearly customary, incidental, and a subordinate secondary use of the residential dwelling unit or residential premises by the resident thereof and which does not alter the exterior of the property or affect the residential character of the neighborhood.


The purpose of the home-occupation provision is to allow for a portion of a home to be used for a nonresidential use without undermining the integrity of the neighborhood. All home occupations must conform to regulations.

Registration Requirements

If the home-based business employs anyone other than the occupants of the residence, then the business is required to apply for an annual registration and to have a residential safety inspection. The issuance of a certificate requires that a person operating a home occupation affirm knowledge of, and intent to comply with all ordinances applicable to home occupations.

For more information on registering your home occupation, please call the Building Safety department at (214) 975-0456.

Home Occupations may require the collection and remittance and/or use taxes. You can apply for a Sales Tax Permit online through the State of Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

In-Home Child Care Centers

An in-home child care center is a home occupation that provides regular child care for compensation in their primary residence for less than 24 hours a day. It is considered a violation of ordinance for a facility to provide care for a number of children that exceeds what is allowed per the classification shown on the state permit to be submitted with the town's home occupation registration.

Uses must register with the town annually and show proof of state permit. This use is subject to regulation by the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services and all home occupation regulations of the Town of Little Elm Code of Ordinances.


In-Home Child Care Centers registered in Little Elm