Contractor Information

The Fire Department, through the Fire Marshal’s Office, works diligently to facilitate development with in the Town and its ETJ by balancing the developer’s needs with the strict enforcement of the code’s intents; all in the matter of public safety and fire department operations.

The Department believes that providing as much information as possible up front, systematic processes, and open communication with the developers/contractors is paramount to any and all projects. We feel that we have achieved the dissemination of information and open communication through the following means:

  • The development of the Contractor Guide which covers specific Fire Department requirement from site development to the final inspection for certificate of occupancy;
  • The staff structure of the Fire Marshal’s Office to include a dedicated fire department plans examiner, who reviews all building and fire plans for Fire Code Compliance; a dedicated fire inspector who conducts site inspection for acceptance of all permitted projects; and the utilization of a project coordinator that ensures centralized communication between the contractor, the fire department, and other departments within the Town that affect development.
  • The development of specific permit application/plan review processes and fire inspection request and their processes have been created and are included on our website and in the Contractor Guides. These processes were developed to ensure a thorough and prompt review of all plans and timely inspection of systems and facilities as they apply to the fire code and Town necessities.
  • Attendance of all Development Review Committee meetings and Pre-Construction Meetings by Fire Marshal’s Office staff allows developers and contractors both to ask questions and receive any pertinent information that will facilitate their respective jobs and responsibilities at the beginning of the process.