Platting & Subdivisions

A plat is a survey of property that describes the dimensions and location of lot lines, streets, and easements. A plat also establishes the lot, block, and subdivision name used in real estate transactions.  The platting process ensures that all lots comply with the Town of Little Elm’s Subdivision Ordinance and protects public health, safety and welfare.

Generally, a plat is required to subdivide property legally and before issuance of a building permit. 

A plat is not the property survey required by a mortgage company when closing the sale of a property. A licensed land surveyor or engineer must prepare plats. 

Plat Filing FYI:

Replats and Final Plats must be reviewed and approved by development services staff and then approved by Planning and Zoning Commission. A town official can administratively sign minor plats. The Town takes in plats for review on the first and third Tuesday of every month. Once fully approved, the applicant must get the plat signed and notarized and then take the signed plat to the Denton County Clerk’s office in Denton located at 1450 E. McKinney St., Denton, TX 76209 to be filed/recorded. If the applicant wants the Town to record for them, a $200 filing fee will be paid to the Town. 

To file, the Town will need paper (bond) copies, a copy for the county, plus however many copies you and your client need, original stamped and sealed tax certificates (for the county). The Town is the last to sign the plat, so please ensure that all signatures are collected before delivery to the Planning Department. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Planning at 214-975-0472.