Citizen Academies

Have you ever wanted a behind-the-scenes look into the Town of Little Elm? If so, consider one of our three Citizens Academies! These community programs help to answer questions, give explanations and insight, and create future leaders of Little Elm!  

Citizens Government Academy. This is an eight-week program designed to offer Little Elm residents the opportunity to learn about the daily functions and roles of local government. The goal of the program is to create more informed, engaged, and proactive members for the community to strengthen the Town’s vision for growth and development. 

Citizens Fire Academy. This program is a unique educational opportunity designed to provide participants of the Town of Little Elm with an in-depth look at the inner workings of the Little Elm Fire Department. The free ten-week program teaches participants fire safety for the home and workplace, plus hands-on experience in emergency operations, and even includes a chance to ride out with a crew!

Citizens Police Academy. This academy gives the public a chance for a closer look at the operations of the Little Elm Police Department. The free fourteen-week program features information about the department and its divisions, SWAT operations, investigations, and the court process.