Vendor Payment Process

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Thank you for doing business with the Town of Little Elm.  In an effort to process your payment in a timely manner, we request that the following procedures be followed.  

All orders for goods and services must be in the form of a Town issued Purchase Order or paid for with a Town issued Procurement (Credit) Card at the time the order is placed.  If an employee fails to provide either a PO or Card, the order should be denied.  Procurement card receipts must be detailed and clearly show the amount paid. 

Invoices may be submitted to one of the addresses listed below:

Town of Little Elm              

Accounts Payable

100 W. Eldorado Pkwy

Little Elm, TX 75068
Accounts Payable

All invoices must be made out to the Town of Little Elm and include the invoice date, date of service, PO number, and clearly state what was purchased. 

The following items must be completed prior to payment:

  • Conflict of Interest (COI) – Texas law mandates that any vendor interested in doing business with the Town of Little Elm complete a COI form
  • Vendor Registration – All vendors interested in doing business with the Town must register as a vendor in the Town’s eProcurement system.  
  • ACH Form – The Town encourages all vendors to accept ACH payments. The process is faster, better for the environment, eliminates the occurrence of lost or stolen checks, and the cost of check reissuance.  Additionally, ACH helps reduce security risks, including reducing the visibility of information used in check payment fraud. 

The Town of Little Elm holds its employees and vendors to the highest ethical standards. Employees or their family members may not request or accept from, or give to a supplier, anything that may be construed to influence a relationship between a vendor and Town employee.