Rental Property Registration

The Neighborhood Integrity Rental Property Registration program provides leadership in maintenance, revitalization, and improvement of Little Elm apartments and rental units through the enforcement of the Little Elm Code of Ordinances, the International Property Maintenance Code, and other local ordinances as the Town may see fit to adopt. This ensures that tenants and landlords are involved in maintaining a sustainable community, and that safe housing is available in all neighborhoods. 

All non-owner occupied homes within the Town of Little Elm must be registered as a rental property annually in January of each year. Registration fees are $85 due at the time of registration each January. Inspections must be scheduled at the time of tenant change while the property is vacant.

The rental inspection includes an interior and exterior safety and property maintenance inspection, conducted by the Community Integrity staff.

For the Rental Registration Application, please click the link below. The payment system only accepts Visa, Mastercard, and Discover.

Rental Registration Application
Rental Home Safety Inspection Checklist

To apply for your registration online, please click the link below and choose the Request New Permit or Renew Permit under the Annual Permits Section. 

Online Rental Registration Application