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Important News: Union Park Residents read this notice of upcoming traffic pattern changes on Union Park Boulevard.

Road Work: TxDOT contractors will begin prepping for signal light installation at U.S. 380 and Magnolia Boulevard early next week. The work will take place on Monday, November 25, and Tuesday, November 26, between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. If traveling in the area, you should expect lane closures of right lanes in each direction of 380. Both 380 and Magnolia will also be closed temporarily in entirety at times to accommodate the project.

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Little Elm Police Chief Rodney Harrison Expresses Concerns to TxDOT in letter below. Read the response from TxDOT here

380 News & Updates

The purpose of this page is to provide updates regarding U.S. 380; construction, safety, meetings, and statistics. The information on this page is updated regularly, so check back often.

As of 916/19:

FM 1385 Re-Striping

The contractor re-striping FM 1385 has not completed installing the pavement markings at the intersection of 380. TxDOT said they should be back on-site next week to install better turn lane arrow markings, as well as “puppy track” markings inside the intersection to better delineate the dual left movements.

New Traffic Signal at Magnolia

TxDOT is scheduling the installation of a new traffic signal at the intersection of Magnolia and 380. It will be a temporary installation that will be converted to a full mast arm signal as part of the 380 expansion project. They do not have an exact construction time frame at this time, but I anticipate it will be installed later this year.

US 380 Expansion (Grade Separations)

The plans are 95% complete and still on schedule to bid in Spring 2021, and should take roughly 2 years to complete. We are reviewing the plans and will be sending comments later this month.

US 380 Feasibility Study:

TxDOT is still developing final recommendations for the future alignment of 380, and they anticipate issuing the draft final report in January 2020 for public comment.

FM 2931 and FM 1385 Expansion

TxDOT is developing a schematic layout for these roadways that will include expanding the cross-sections to multiple lanes and possibly chaning their alignments to better connect to other highways. They are in the beginning stages of this project and did not have a completion schedule at this time.

Construction and Improvement Updates:

See below for updates from TxDot regarding requested safety improvements. 

Upcoming Meetings:


Little Elm Is Hands-Free:

U.S. 380 Traffic Statistics (YTD):

  • Number of traffic stops as of 8/31/19: 2569
  • Number of citations issued as of 8/31/19: 968
  • Number of warnings issues as of 8/31/19: 1601
  • Number of crashes for Town: 262
  • 380 crashes only: 81
  • U.S. 380 account for 31 percent of accidents in the Town of Little Elm 


Who is responsible for 380?

US 380 is a state highway and is under the control of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).  Although controlled by the state, the portion of the road that is between FM 720/Oak Grove Parkway and Doe Creek is within the Little Elm Town limits. TxDOT controls the speed limit, signal light placement and timing, and construction projects; however, the Town of Little Elm provides law enforcement and traffic control along with the Denton County Sherriff’s Office and the Department of Public Safety.

Who sets the speed limit along 380?

TxDOT sets the speed limit for 380; however, the speed limit is enforced by the Town of Little Elm in conjunction with the Denton County Sherriff’s Office and the Department of Public Safety.

Who controls the traffic signals and signal placement along 380?

TxDOT also manages the timing of signals and placement of traffic signal along 380.

Who is responsible for the construction and maintenance of the roadway?

TxDOT manages the design, development, construction, and maintenance of 380.

Is 380 hands free?

The portion of 380 that runs through Little Elm, as well as the entire Town of Little Elm, is hands-free. Remember, when in Town, put it down! Click here to watch our Hands Free When Driving video.

Will the Town annex the unincorporated areas along 380 of Paloma Creek? 

Currently, there is no plan for the Town of Little Elm to annex unincorporated parts of Paloma Creek. 

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