Marketing & Communications

The primary function of the Town of Little Elm Marketing & Communications Department is to provide a centralized source for information for the residents, visitors, and business leaders of Little Elm to ensure they are informed about municipal government, programs, services, issues, and emergency information.

The Marketing & Communications Department works to provide these groups with accurate and timely information so that they may make informed judgments and become engaged residents. An additional goal of the Marketing & Communications Department is to create a two-way channel of communication for these groups to communicate with the Town of Little Elm to express their concerns.

The Marketing & Communications Department provides information through a wide range of communication mediums including print, web, digital newsletters, social media networks, electronic marquees, and alert systems.

The Marketing & Communications Department also works closely with local print and broadcast news media outlets to deliver timely information about Town government, programs, and events, in an efficient and proactive manner.


The mission of the Town of Little Elm Marketing & Department is to inform and engage residents through the creation of quality content and responding with timely, accurate, and reliable information.

Guiding Principles

We Tell Our Story Best. This Communication Plan allows us to tell our story, instead of relying on others to interpret our actions, decisions, and issues. We strive to be the most reliable source of information regarding the Town of Little Elm.

We Are Proactive. This Communication Plan allows us to be proactive in initiating communications and open dialogue with stakeholders, instead of being reactive when issues occur.

Centralizing Communication is Key for Consistency. This Communication Plan will enable us to develop a centralized source of communication, and this centralization will allow us to develop consistent and purposeful communication.

We Encourage Engagement. This Communication Plan will help us to promote positive relationships and engagement with stakeholders.

Contact Us

The Town of Little Elm Marketing Department can be reached by emailing Marketing.

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    Erin Mudie

    Managing Director of Communications/PIO

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    Cassady Head

    Creative Marketing & Social Media Specialst