Neighborhood Crime Watch

Advantages to Neighborhood Watch

  • It’s a proactive step. It helps to keep you from becoming a victim
  • Protects people when they are at home
  • Protects property when they are away
  • Helps keep insurance rates down
  • Keeps neighborhoods safer for everyone

How to Start

  • Form a small group
  • Discuss areas of interest or concern
  • Discuss needs
  • Discuss level of interest
  • Partner with police for training, forms, supplies and more
  • Contact as many neighbors as possible
  • Schedule a meeting
  • Draw a map of the neighborhood
  • Develop a phone tree
  • Develop an email notification tree
  • Elect a coordinator and block captains

Keep Up Interest

  • Develop interesting training opportunities
  • Meet frequently, but not too frequently
  • Learn to recognize suspicious persons or activity
  • Learn what information is needed by law enforcement
  • Learn how to properly report the information to responders
  • Have pot-luck socials
  • Have ice cream or barbecue socials
  • Communicate with one another and develop an “Operation Identification” program in which your driver's license number can be engraved on your property. 
  • Have a block garage sale
  • Have a block clean-up
  • Develop a walking or exercise group
  • Have a “unwanted goods” exchange
  • Set up a child card co-op
  • Use your imagination

Get Involved or Learn More

If you have an interest in participating in a Neighborhood Crime Watch group in your neighborhood please complete the Neighborhood Watch Indication of Interest Form.

For additional information, contact Community Services via email or at 972-377-1885.