Property / Evidence

Evidence Collection

The Little Elm Police Department operates a property and evidence room that is maintained by the Criminal Investigation Division.

The movement of all property and evidence is tracked from the moment it enters the officer's custody at the scene until the case to which it is related reaches its final disposition. After collection by the officer, it is logged into the evidence facility and assigned a permanent location within the evidence room. It may remain there until final disposition.

Evidence Tracking

In some cases, evidence may need to be sent to outside labs for testing, which also requires tracking. It may need to be logged out of the evidence room and taken to court. If a final disposition is not reached at that time, the evidence is logged back into the evidence room, returning it to its assigned location. Upon final disposition, the court may order it to be destroyed or returned to the owner. At each step in the process or movement, the officer's name who moves the evidence is noted, along with the date, time, and other relevant information.

This tracking process is referred to as the chain of custody. Detectives must be able to prove to the court that this chain of custody was properly maintained at all times. Failure to do so may mean that the evidence is excluded from trial by the courts, and may result in an acquittal of the suspect.

Contact Information

If you have any questions about the property room or if you believe we have property that belongs to you, please contact our business office 214-975-0460.