Trash, Recycling, Bulk & Brush Service Information

Town of Little Elm Residential Trash, Recycling, and Bulk & Brush Services Information


Little Elm Utility Customers are serviced by Community Waste Disposal (CWD) for pick up and removal of trash, recycling, bulk trash, and brush. Trash and recycling occur on a weekly basis, while bulk and brush are serviced bi-weekly (twice a month.) You can find additional details on services below.

2021 Solid Waste Pickup Schedule
2021 Trash Pick Up Map
2021 Bulk & Brush Pick Up Schedule
2021 Holiday Solid Waste Pickup Schedule
2021 Solid Waste Guide
For additional trash service or if your trash was not picked up please contact the Town of Little Elm Utility Billing Customer Service at 214-975-0480.

Key Phone Numbers:

Utility Billing Department 214- 975-0480
Public Works 972-377-5556
CWD Customer Service Department at 972-392-9300, ext 2.

Cart Placement Graphic

95-Gallon Trash and Recycling Cart Placement Procedures

95-Gallon Trash and Recycling Cart Placement Procedures

All 95-gallon trash and recycling carts shall be placed at the curbside by 7 a.m. on designated collection days, but 95-gallon carts and recycling containers shall not be placed out for collection earlier than 7 p.m. before the day of the scheduled collection. Carts also must be placed at least four feet from mailboxes or obstructions such as vehicles.

Bi-Weekly Bulk & Brush Pick Up

Residents receive a bi-weekly automated bulk and brush pickup service in accordance with their regularly scheduled trash and recycling service day. 

Residents with a trash and recycling service day of Monday or Tuesday will receive bulk and brush service twice a month on Mondays. Services run on the first Monday of the first full week as well as the third Monday of the month. (see bulk and brush calendar)

Residents with a trash and recycle service day of Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday will receive bulk and brush service on the second Monday and the fourth Monday of each month (see bulk and brush calendar)

Do you have questions? Please see our Utility Billing FAQ pages.

All 95-gallon trash and recycling carts are required to be stored behind the front building line of your home, not curbside. Residents may place carts out by the street on the day before service after 7 p.m. Carts must be removed from curbside by 7 a.m. the day after services. Your homeowners association may have a more stringent requirement to place carts out of view.

Trash outside the cart will not be picked up. The cart should be placed at the edge of the street with the lid closed and 4 feet of clearance space on either side of the cart. Please place the cart handle facing your house, and within 3 feet of the curb. Overloaded carts will not be serviced.

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