Policies and Procedures

Age Policy

  • Youth 7 and younger must have adult supervision at all times.
  • Youth 8 and older may be dropped off to the use the facility as long as they are a member of the Little Elm Recreation Center.
  • Youth 11 and younger may not be in the fitness area.
  • Youth 10 and older may use the basketball court without adult supervision.
  • Youth 12 - 14 may use the Fitness Area with active adult participation.
  • Youth 15 - 17 may use the facility without adult supervision.
  • Youth 12 - 14 may participate in aerobic classes with a participating adult 18 years or older.

Locker Room Policy

  • Children of the opposite gender older than the age of 2 are not permitted in the Men's and Women's Locker Rooms.
  • Patrons must provide their own locks.
  • Lockers are intended for daily use only.
  • Storing individual items in the lockers overnight is prohibited.
  • Management is not responsible for lost or stolen items left in lockers or locker rooms.
  • Cell phone use is not permitted in locker rooms.
  • No food or drinks are permitted in the locker rooms, with the exception of water bottles.

Gymnasium Rules

  • Members and guests younger than the age of 10 must have adult supervision at all times.
  • Proper attire, including shirts, shorts, and non-marking gym shoes must be worn at all times. No bare feet, flip-flops, sandals, dress shoes, etc.
  • Dunking and hanging on the rims, nets, and backboards is prohibited.
  • No kicking or throwing balls against the walls, doors, or windows.
  • No food or drinks are permitted in the gymnasium, with the exception of water bottles.
  • Profanity or vulgar language is not allowed.
  • The Little Elm Recreation Center is not responsible for lost or stolen items. Please store all belongings in a locker.
  • No organized instruction, coaching, or training is allowed in this facility except by authorized personnel.
  • Membership cards will be collected from each guest for check out use of designated portable equipment such as basketballs.
  • No bags or backpacks are allowed in the gym.

Fitness Room Rules

  • Persons 15 and older are allowed to workout unsupervised.
  • Youth 12 - 14 years of age need to be with an adult.
  • No one under the age of 12 years of age will be allowed in the fitness room.
  • Proper athletic attire is required including shirts and sneakers.
  • Refrain from yelling, grunting, using profanity and banging weights.
  • Personal Training - only Little Elm Recreation Center independent contractors are allowed to conduct training or teaching in this facility. Membership may be revoked if this is violated.
  • Leave personal belongings and gym bags in lockers.
  • Use sanitizer and towels to wipe sweat off equipment and the area around you.
  • No food or drink other than water.
  • No horseplay.
  • No loitering.
  • 30 minutes maximum on cardio machines during peak hours.
  • Always use a spotter and collars for heavy weight lifting.
  • Allow others to work in on machines.
  • Re-rack all your weights and return all equipment and accessories to their proper locations.
  • Report damaged or dangerous equipment to management immediately.

KidZone Rules

  • Must be a member of the Little Elm Recreation Center or have purchased a day pass.
  • Open to ages 6 months - 8 years of age. No one under the age of 6 months will be allowed in KidZone without a parent.
  • Children under the age of 8 are not to leave the KidZone until parent picks them up.
  • There is no food or drinks provided to children, please make sure they are fed before.
  • Children who are sick or show signs of illness such as excessive coughing, colored mucous discharge from eyes, fever, rash, or skin discoloration will not be allowed in KidZone.
  • Personal belongings must be left with a parent or placed in a locker.
  • Parents must remain in the building at all times.
  • The following behaviors are unacceptable and may result in the immediate removal of a child for the remainder of the current day and/or further time period: endangering or threatening to endanger the health and safety of others, staff, self, or volunteers; stealing or damaging property; or using profanity, vulgarity, or obscenities.
  • No horseplay.
  • Procedure: Check in or purchase a day pass at the Front Desk. Get KidZone Pass. Present KidZone pass to Room Attendant. Parents must sign child in and out of KidZone if the child is under the age of 10.
  • Stay may not exceed 2 hours per child.