Building Permits

April 3, 2020 Suspension of Door-to-Door Solicitation 

In an effort to limit the interaction of residents of Little Elm and others, not living within the same household, the following order is issued, suspending door-to-door solicitation of all types as well as solicitation of any kind on property not owned, leased, or otherwise controlled by the solicitor or its agents. This order applies equally to all commercial, non-commercial, charitable, and non-profit activities, as defined in Article VI, Chapter 26-272 of the Town of Little Elm Code of Ordinances, except that it shall not apply to Mobile Units of appropriately permitted food establishments, as defined in Article IV, Section 26-125 of the Code. 

The following requirements detailed in the Town of Little Elm's Code of Ordinances are amended, as follows, until April 30 or until such time that the Governor of the State of Texas and the Denton County Commisioners Court County Judge rescind all standing Disaster Declaration orders, whichever comes first:

Sec. 26-276: Permits Generally Issuance of Permit
The issuance of permits for vendors, peddlers, and solicitors is suspended and all existing permits, governed by this Chapter, previously issued are immediately revoked.
No exception shall be made for non-profit, charitable, or other similar organizations.

Sec. 26-280: Prohibited Activities, Location and Conduct
Modified to read:  It shall be unlawful for any person to peddle, solicit, hawk, sell, or take orders for or offer to take orders for any item or service within residential and nonresidential areas within the Town of Little Elm and throughout its jurisdiction, except as may occur on property own, leased, or otherwise controlled by the solicitor. 

All remaining elements of the Town's Code of Ordinances, in each category, remain in effect.

The Building Permits division coordinates all the development activities of the Development Services and Building Safety departments by being the one-stop resource for everything related to these departments. Permitting oversees the processing and issuing all construction-related permits, annual registrations, and other applications such as solicitor, vendor, and garage sale permits. 

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Do you have questions about a permit? Contact the Building Permits Division at 214-975-0470.