Pumpkin Hollow Information & Sponsors

We are preparing for our fourth year of Little Elm Pumpkin Hollow and we need your help to build this year's trail by donating your carved jack-o-lanterns!

NEEDED: 1,000 CARVED PUMPKINS! – You provide the pumpkin, and we’ll provide the candles!!!
Butterfly carved pumpkin
PUMPKIN CENTRAL - 214-618-1401
Whether you plan to bring one pumpkin or 10 or more, call Alicia Gray 214-618-1401, in advance and let us know how many pumpkins you are bringing so we can build towards our goal! We’ll be broadcasting updates on our Pumpkin Count as we get closer to the event!

Groups bringing 10 or more pumpkins will have a sign posted along the trail with their name or logo on it. Call 214-618-1401 in advance and let us know how many you plan to bring so that we can have your trail sign ready! PLEASE NOTE: We cannot guarantee pumpkin placement together on the trail unless pumpkins are delivered at the same time and marked on the back. We cannot guarantee that your sign will be located with your pumpkins. Bringing 10 or more pumpkins does not designate your group for a display.


Bringing 10 or more pumpkins does not designate your group as a Display Sponsor. Sponsors must bring a minimum of 15 carved pumpkins, and decorate their display. To host a display, email agray@littleelm.org.
DELIVERY OF PUMPKINS – WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 16– 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. and THURSDAY, OCTOBER 17 - 7:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Deliver carved pumpkins to Little Elm Park Johnny Broyles Trail entrance. Look for the “DELIVER PUMPKINS HERE” signs.

Tip 1: Carve your pumpkins no earlier than TUESDAY, OCTOBER 15, so they stay fresh for the event!

Tip 2: Clean out the insides of the pumpkins well. Be sure there are no seeds or stringy material left inside to mold!
Kroger display sponsor setup