A bobcat or coyote was spotted in my neighborhood. What should I do?

Sightings of coyotes and bobcats are common in Little Elm and throughout the North Texas area. A healthy coyote/bobcat sighting does not constitute a threat to residents, and as long as their behavior appears normal, there is no reason to contact Animal Services. Contrary to popular belief, these animals do not live only in rural settings, and many have adapted to survive in suburban and urban areas. 

These small predators may appear to be a threat but pose very little danger to people. However, on rare occasions, pets have been attacked by a coyote or bobcat. 

Homeowners benefit from coyotes and bobcats because their predation keeps the population of rodents and vermin down in the area. For more information, visit www.dfwwildlife.org

•  Do keep small dogs and cats inside at night.

•  Do keep the covers secured on your trash receptacles. 

•  Do keep your dog and cat on a leash (as required by city ordinance). 

•  Do report the coyote/bobcat sighting to the DFW Wildlife Coalition at 972-234-9453. 

•  Do try to consider that they were here first. 

• Don't feed your pets on the back porch or leave food out overnight. 

• Don't walk your small dog in wooded areas. 

• Don't approach, chase, make noises, throw rocks, or otherwise taunt a coyote or bobcat. 

• Don't approach any wild animal that appears trapped, injured, or sick. Contact Animal Services immediately at 972-377-1898. 

• Don't ever try to touch a coyote, bobcat, or any other wild animal.

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