How can I check if I'm a resident of Little Elm?

Although your driver’s license or the post office has listed your mailing address as Little Elm, you could still live outside Town limits. If you live outside of Town limits, you do not pay Town of Little Elm property taxes and are not a resident of Little Elm. If you reside outside Little Elm, you are not eligible for Town services, such as water and sewer. (Note: some residents of Little Elm along the 380 corridors and Union Park do not get Little Elm utilities but pay property taxes to the Town and are, therefore, residents). 

The best way to determine if you are a Town of Little Elm resident is to check your tax status by looking at your property tax statement at 

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1. I am being charged a nonresident fee to use a facility, but my address says that I live in Little Elm. I am a Little Elm resident, right?
2. How can I check if I'm a resident of Little Elm?
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