Why do we need zoning?

Zoning is established to protect the community’s health, safety and welfare. The restrictions on how certain areas are developed ensure safer neighborhoods, more attractive business areas, and well-designed communities. Regulating how property develops also provides citizens with an idea of the type of future development that can occur in their neighborhood or adjacent to their business. Zoning is also one of several tools to use in implementing the Town’s long-range plans.

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1. What is zoning?
2. Why do we need zoning?
3. What effect does zoning have on my property?
4. What zoning do I need?
5. What are the zoning fees?
6. How do I determine the type of use I may develop?
7. How do I change zoning?
8. What information is required?
9. What is a Specific Use Permit?
10. How can I participate in a public hearing?