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Board Application Form

  1. Personal Information
  2. Education and Hobbies
  3. Organization Membership Information

  4. If appointed, do you give permission to the Town of Little Elm to post your name on the town website?

  5. If appointed, do you give permission to the Town of Little Elm to post any personal information required by the Open Records Act?

  6. If appointed, do you give permission to the Town of Little Elm to post your biographical information on the Town website?

  7. If appointed, do you agree to dedicate the time necessary to fulfill you commitment to such board or commission?

  8. If appointed, do you agree to abide by the Town of Little Elm’s Charter, Code of Ordinances, and Town Policies and Procedures?

  9. The Town of Little Elm recognizes and supports the concept of balanced representation in regard to filling vacancies on boards and commissions. To this end, every effort is made to appoint members who represent our diverse community, including citizens of all ethnic groups, from varied geographic areas of town, with specific background experience in the area of interest, and who will dedicate time required to fulfill their board responsibilities, and who reside inside the corporate town limits (unless otherwise approved for ex-officio status).

  10. In which geographic area of Town do you reside?

  11. Are you a registered voter?

  12. Are you a Town of Little Elm resident?

  13. Do you owe any funds or taxes to the Town of Little Elm?

  14. Do you or your employer have any business deaings with the Town of Little Elm.

  15. Are you currently appointed to another Town board or commission?

  16. Are you related to anyone who is appointed to Town board or commission?

  17. Are you related to an employee of the Town of Little Elm?

  18. Are you related to an elected official of the Town of Little Elm?

  19. It is suggested you submit a cover letter and resume with your application. Please return the original to the Office of the Town Secretary for processing. You may wish to contact the City Council assistants to schedule an appointment with a Council Member to discuss your application.

    Your application, which is public information under the Texas Public Information Act, will be kept on file for twelve (12) months.

    If appointed, information on this application will be on the Town’s Website located at
    *** ADA COMPLIANCE ***
    Reasonable accommodations and equal access to communication are provided upon request.

    Return to: Town of Little Elm
    Office of the Town Secretary
    100 West Eldorado, Little Elm, Texas 75068
    Phone: (214) 975-0404 - Fax: (972) 377-5540


  21. Supplement to Application for Voluntary Service

    Thank you for your interest in servicing your community. As part of the application process, we need your authorization to review your background information. Please read, sign and date this authorization.

    I hereby request and authorize you to furnish the Town of Little Elm with any and all information that they may request concerning my work record, educational history, military record, criminal record and general reputation. This authorization is specifically intended to include any and all information of a confidential or privileged nature as well as photocopies of such documents, if requested. The information will be used for the purpose of determining my eligibility for volunteer service with the Town of Little Elm.

    I hereby release you and your organization from any liability, which may or could result from furnishing the information requested above or from any subsequent use of such information in determining my qualifications for employment.

  22. Note: This form may be retained in your files.


  24. I hereby authorize the Town of Little Elm to conduct police record inquiries to determine my acceptability for volunteer service.

  26. Cleared Criminal Record Clerk

  27. Leave This Blank: