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Electronic Marquee Message Application

  1. Instructions
    The marquee signs are for the exclusive use of the Town of Little Elm, Town-sponsored or co-sponsored events, and/or that take place on Town property, unless otherwise stated below.
  2. The Town of Little Elm (its departments, boards, commission, and corporations), Little Elm Chamber of Commerce, Little Elm ISD, and other public schools within the Town are Priority Groups and have priority use of the marquee signs.
  3. As a courtesy, the Town of Little Elm will allow Preferred Groups (civic groups, religious organizations, non-profits, HOAs, PTAs, etc.) within the Town to advertise special events and registrations occurring within the Town on the marquee signs, specifically excluding regularly scheduled and ongoing events/meetings.
  4. Licensed vendors with concession agreements officially leasing Town facilities and/or property may advertise on the marquee signs, when deemed justified and warranted, subject to review and approval by the Town.
  5. Requests to post a message on the marquees should be sent to the Marketing & Communications Department at least two weeks before the message's anticipated running. The Managing Director must approve each request.
  6. Requests should include brief information, such as the event's name, location, date and time, contact for additional information, and the proposed message. Standard Town background graphics will be used for text-requests, and the Town reserves complete editorial control over all messages.
  7. Messages displayed on the marquees should be of interest to the Little Elm community's general population or an event open to the entire community. Messages should not target a specific group or contain personal announcements, names, phone numbers, or email addresses.
  8. Messages generally will not start running on the marquee until one week before the event and shall be removed following the event's expiration. Chamber members' messages will run for two weeks before the event's expiration.
  9. Prohibited messages are those that advertise the following content: political or campaign; commercial; religious programming; alcohol or vice; inflammatory, offensive, or derogatory; or other content deemed inappropriate for posting or inconsistent with this policy by the Town Manager.
  10. If a message is not approved for the display on the marquee because of time constraints, message content, or any other reason, the applicant will be notified that the message was rejected.
  11. Because of the cost of utilities, maintenance, and programming of the marquee, the Town of Little Elm will charge a $20 fee to Preferred Groups each week the message runs, and Priority Groups shall be exempt.
  12. The number of times and duration of time each message runs will be determined by how many messages are running each day per the Managing Director of Communication's discretion. There are no guarantee how many times per hour a message will run. The priority uses will receive the majority of time on the marquee.
  13. If the marquee is needed for emergency messages, all other messages may be pre-empted during this time. The Managing Director of Communications must approve emergency messages.
  14. Town-initiated commercial advertising to announce new businesses opening (of substantial retail presence) is permitted at Town Manager's sole discretion.
  15. The Town Manager may authorize the use of the marquees for other messages, selectively authorize advertisements for events outside Town limits, reserves exclusive right to refuse any requested posting, has discretionary approval authority overall messages and content is responsible for the final interpretation of the policy.
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  17. Enter what you would like the marquee to display.
  18. READ AND SIGN I hereby certify that by typing my name above that 1) I have read the Town of Little Elm “Electronic Marquee Sign Operating Policy” and agree to adhere to the policies. 2) I understand applications require approval from the Town Manager before a message is displayed and submission of an application does not constitute a guarantee the message will be displayed. 3.) I understand the Town makes no guarantees regarding the frequency a message will be displayed and messages may be preempted by Town alerts in the event of an emergency.
  19. TIPS FOR A SUCCESSFUL MESSAGE  Provide graphics you would like to use in vector, png or jpeg format (preferably vector/png).  Only graphics your organization has permissions to (copyright) will be permitted.  The shorter the message the better - who, what, when, where, why. Questions? Call 214-975-0456 or visit
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