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LE Planning & Zoning Commission Speaker Request Form

  1. Emergency Notice Regarding Public Participation and
    Planning & Zoning Commission/Town Staff Attendance 

    Due to Winter Storm 

     Due to the winter storm anticipated to impact the Town of Little Elm and surrounding areas, and the unsafe road and travel conditions anticipated to occur due to the winter storm, the Planning and Zoning Commission has opted, as allowed by Texas Government Code Sections 551.125 and 551.127, to conduct its regularly scheduled Planning and Zoning Commissioner Meeting of February 3, 2022, through remote means. This will allow (1) the Planning and Zoning Commission members and Town employees to participate in a Planning and Zoning meeting via videoconference call or other remote electronic means without a physical quorum of the Planning and Zoning Commission members being present at the site of the meeting; and (2) the use of videoconferencing and other remote means to allow the public to observe the meeting and, when required, to participate in the public meeting.
     For the February 3, 2022, Planning and Zoning Commission meeting, individuals will be able to address the Commission on any topic through submission of the web form below. Forms received will be recorded into the record and be given to the Commission
     To access the videoconference online, follow these instructions: 

    Pursuant to Section 551.007 of the Texas Government Code, individuals wishing to address the Commission for items listed as public hearings will be recognized when the public hearing is opened. For individuals wishing to speak on a non-public hearing item, they may address the Commission by submitting the online form at the following link:

     Individuals who wish to speak to the Commission directly must register prior to the meeting. Please include in the comment box that you will be logging onto the meeting through the Zoom link above to speak to the Planning & Zoning Commission. If you have any questions, please email
     Note: A physical quorum of the P&Z
    Planning and Zoning Commission will not be present during the meeting as the entire meeting will be conducted remotely as permitted by state law is emergency situations. 

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