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Fire Permit Application Form

  1. All information must be provided or application will be rejected. This is an application for permit only. Permit is not issued until plan approval is given by the Fire Marshal's Office and approved plans, permit and any plan review comments are in the possession of the contractor and on the job site. Work done prior to such approval shall be subjected to a stop-work order and fines.
  2. Fire Sprinkler and Alarm Systems
  3. Other Permits
  4. ■ CAD or Electronic Submittal Required - Submit to ■ Permit fees shall be paid in full prior to scheduling inspections for this permit. (See contractor Guide: Inspection Procedures). ■ Contact person will be notified upon completion of plan review. ■ Work on any, requiring a permit, prior to the issuance of a permit will result in a stop-work order and fine that must be paid prior to the releasing of a permit, or prior to any inspections being performed.
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