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The Way Home Registry Form

  1. Vulnerable Persons Registry Form
  2. Gender
  3. Employer/School
  4. Physical Characteristics
  5. Communicates
  6. Dominant Hand
  7. The more we know about the way your loved one communicates, the better we can meet their needs. Please be specific in your explanation. 

  8. What means are used to comfort your loved one? 

  9. If yes, how do you respond? 

  10. If the person has access to a car please provide the following information:
  11. Emergency Contact for Vulnerable Person
  12. Form Completed By
  13. I give my permission to the Little Elm Police Department to retain and distribute this information to first response personnel for the sole purpose of identification and assistance to the person at risk. It will be my responsibility to maintain current contact information. 

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